Monday, November 29, 2010

sorry I have not been posting

Hey I'm trying to keep up with my blog.
Anyways last sunday I had the best day with my family. The three babies were there. Eli is geting so big. He  is so long and cute. Well I have to say,they are all so cute. Wyatt cracks me up its his face thats what. He is one big chunk. Saidie is so cute i got her to giggle for me. Last but not least Silas the oldest one of all of them. Silas has got such a darker voice now. When mom would squeeze wyatt he would puke so mom drove home with a throuh up shirt.  well im going to go, bye bye.

                                                                         LOVE YOU ALL

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bla bla bla

we just got back from huntsville, and we are all in the bed erika,silas,and I are all on electronics. silas is wating that same movie again ice age #3. Eli is eating, Erika is on the cumputer, I'm on the cumputer as well. on the way home silas was good so he got a ball it's stretchy and sticky and he said it's so bungee. i'm ready to go shoping.  so weni got back to erika's huose both of  the dog's came in :).

Monday, August 9, 2010


if you now the answer to this question pleas tell me
 why do baby's get the hicup's so much, and yes I have already asked erika
she does not now either
this is when it's plain

                                                                  CHEESE                                                                           CAKE  
                                                                 cheese cake is good
this is my peice yummy the crust is the best

I Prayed

so I prayed to Eli this day, so he wont be cranky all day
and again and again i prayed this day that he wont be fussy this day
and so i must say that ...........HE WASN'T FUSSY THIS DAY     SO SAY YEAH


old mother goose, when she wanted to wander, would ride through the air on a very fine gander.
she'd fly to a house that stood in the wood, to tell all the children that god is so good.
and then she would sing them a bright, happy tune, that Jesus is coming back to the earth soon!
and children who love him are never alone, and will see him as king on a beautiful throne.
then of on her gander she'd fly through the air to a far away places, to tell there.
old mother goose, one fine morning, I'm told, will find her house up in heaven made out of gold!


please pray for eli that he is not fusy all day he is geting is shots today

                        PLEASE       PRAY

Sunday, August 8, 2010


things that are good about cheese cake.                                                     
  fantastic tasty awesome yummy good sugary sweet creamy amazing tangy terrific home made goody crazy makes you happy when you are sad


I'm Here

I'm at Erika's house and we are about to make a black berry cheese cake she said it wont be ready till late this evening on the way. on the way Here Silas had a big nap me and mom were talking about a friend that left here and she found him again and he wasn't as cute as he was I laughed. then i told her about derek i dont get to see him much. she said that he was a part of my dream. in my mind I said what dream.  

Staying With Sister

I'm staying with my sister this week. I can't forget the bathing suit. They are getting a pool. I'm sure every body will love it. They will have so much fun. When Erika and I went garage selling she found Eli a little floaty and Silas a life vest. She did not notice is was a girl life vest until she got home she cut the little skirt off and Silas yelled out I'M NOT A GIRL so he wore it to the creek and had a great time with it laughing and screaming he swallowed a little water thats all then he got tiered so he got out then he came back in to the water. then we all got out do you know way ..... WATERMELON. before we cut it open it was in the water getting played with.  

Here I Am

I'm running through the field
I just started my blog. Ya I'm so happy!